Madeline Wyszatycki, Realtor®


Florida Realty Fusion, Corp.

One Financial Plaza 100 SE 3rd Ave. 10th Floor Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394

Madeline is a British transplant since moving to South Florida in 2012 to follow love, the sun, and the vibrant lifestyle that Fort Lauderdale has to offer.
Madeline has been immersed in the world of ultra-chic advertising photography throughout her time in the Miami area. She has honed her skills working with private jets, exotic cars, and luxury real-estate. Styling in all areas, she is well versed in how to show off any property in its best light. View her company's portfolio at
The outstanding examples of Art Deco, mid-century, and Miami styles found in South Florida have enraptured her throughout her time in Florida. Exploring different neighborhoods and their feel has implored her to combine her image-making skills with real estate knowledge and move into the realms of being a REALTOR®. 
Being a homeowner, landlord, and commercial property owner, she has completed many renovation projects and experienced much of the process in real estate on a personal and professional level. With a thorough understanding, a love for the subject, and a fantastic brokerage team, Madeline is sure she can lead you to the home of your dreams. After all, we have to "Love Where We Live."
So if you would like to hear an accent, practice your Queen’s English, and have an enjoyable time whilst exploring the South Florida real estate market, then reach out to Madeline. 

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